Project Overview

Government Infrastructure

CRG Nirmala has been managing Civil works and infrastructure that includes roads, canals, bridges, buildings, etc. across Patna Bihar with a majority of the clients from the Government sector.

An Eminent Government Body that lays the foundation of economic development & growth with Modern Infrastructure. Strategic Services, Civil Works & Infrastructure unit deploys critical PWD and RDPR projects, for the Government of Bihar.

Taking the Lead in Crucial Government Projects

Roads, highways, water systems, sewer systems and public buildings such as airports, logistics centers, and transportation facilities, all contribute to significant reduction in transportation costs, increase people mobility and create job opportunities.

Projects being taken up

  • PWD
  • Irrigation Works
  • Roads Constructions
  • Pipe Line Work
  • Fabrication Work
  • Electrical Work
  • Plumbing Work

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Repair & Renovation Of Banmakhi Police Station